Robotech, Series 2: Savage Rifts

Episode 1.1
Welcome to Robotech; Series 2 Savage Rifts

It has been thirty years since we saw our heroes from New Macross city.  Their time has ended. New Macross City has fallen and with it our heroes spread upon the winds of fate.  It is time for a new group of heroes to step on to the screen and make their mark on Rifts Earth.  In the Midwest a monastery has fallen to a group of Crazies leaving a young girl a Cyber-Knight before her time.  A bounty hunter that is on the run for murder has been misplaced from his world while chasing the one that framed him.  An operator with his own secrets is indebted to the Knights of the Legion.  An cybernetically enhanced mercenary that is estranged from her parents and company.  A Techno-wizard in search of family. The son of one of our heroes who is in hiding along with his village, and the pirate robot-jock daughter of another one of our heroes  will come together to follow where the stars decree.


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